In 2018 I am running to be elected as Lord Mayor of Hobart.

Why am I running? Hobart is changing – and in many ways, these changes are positive and exciting. But change also brings challenges, and many of us worry about Hobart losing its unique character due to poor planning and an unmanaged tourism boom.

The next few years will be some of the most crucial in Hobart’s history. Under the wrong leadership and with careless decisions, we could lose what we love about our city.

Hobart needs a new city leader with the courage to make bold decisions, that people can trust to champion the community’s interests.

During these times of change, I want to protect and enhance what makes Hobart special – the beautiful, historic, creative, peaceful and unpretentious city we call home.

I will also advocate for innovative ideas to make Hobart an even better place to live.

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