Action on climate change


Hobart is a beacon of hope – a leading sustainable city in the Asia Pacific region and our residents are keen to help meet a 2030 Carbon Neutral Hobart target. Council leads city-wide action by promoting bold targets that are backed with regulation and budgets.

ACTION 2019 – 2022

We are in a state of climate emergency and we need to restore a safe climate, in order to avoid dramatic and negative impacts in Hobart and around the world. Bold targets and strategies are needed to inspire the community and businesses to join us in taking action.

In this term of Council I will push for:

  • Hobart to set an ambitious city-wide target to be Carbon Neutral by 2030, and
  • A target to double solar installations in Hobart over the next five years.

To meet the solar target I will advocate for a Solar Saver program to help Hobart residents, businesses and organisations to install solar panels. Council will pay the upfront cost for the system, and you (or your landlord) pay it off over ten years, interest free.

The savings you make on your energy bills will more than outweigh your repayments to Council, leaving you better off.

I will also promote and support:

  • Expanding the existing Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme to to include electric bikes, so residents can get an interest free loan for an e-bike,
  • The introduction of a new food waste collection and composting service (expected in 2019/20) which will make a big impact on our zero waste target and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the waste sector,
  • Increasing the funding for Council’s target of establishing 40 per cent tree canopy by 2046 (up from the 16% we have now),
  • A range of initiatives to reduce emissions in the transport sector by encouraging a greater use of walking, cycling and public transport (outlined in my transport policy).

While I will work to ensure Hobart is part of the global movement to slow climate change, I understand the science and that some change is inevitable. Therefore I will work to ensure Hobart is a climate change ready and resilient city.

I will advocate for a Climate Change Adaptation Plan that considers the full range of vulnerabilities that Hobart has in a warming world.

In particular Hobart needs to ensure it is reducing the threat of a catastrophic bushfire with the development of green fire breaks around the city.

  • I will meet twice a year with the State Fire Commission to ensure the Council and Hobart residents are fully engaged with the risk of bushfire and the steps needed to reduce the risk of loss of life.
  • Advocate as part of the Capital City Mayors group to reinstate Federal Government funding for local government to make their cities ‘climate change ready.’

While I have been supportive of Council’s good work on reducing its own corporate emissions I have been an advocate for updating and expanding our climate change strategy to be a more ambitious city-wide plan.

I played an active role in the decision taken in 2017 for the divestment of Hobart City Council’s funds away from fossil fuels.

I have a long history of work in climate change policy nationally and internationally. I was the founder of the Climate Action Network Australia in 1998 and the Deputy Director of WWF International’s global climate program from 2004 – 2007.