Active transport in Hobart


Hobart is a healthier city because it is an active, less car dependent city – where most short journeys are made by foot, bicycle and public transport.

It is a city where Hobart parents know their kids are safe when riding their bike or walking with friends to school.


In the next term of Council I will:

  • Push to increase the city budget for walking – for fixing footpaths and building new pedestrian crossings.
  • Advocate to establish a “Safe walking and cycling to School” program to help get our kids active and less cars on the road.
  • Advocate to increase the timing of traffic lights to give people (particularly the elderly and children) time to cross city roads.
  • I will lead by example, sell the Mayor’s car and reinvest the savings into the “Safe walking and cycling to School” program.
  • Work closely with the Bicycle Network to finalise an ambitious City Bike Plan and champion a budget to implement the plan. Advocate for progress on signature projects, including priority separated cycleways to be implemented in the next four years.
  • Move to establish a Pedestrian Advisory Committee to help advance better walking infrastructure and programs in Hobart.