Creative Hobart


Hobart is a creative city that is a great place for artists to work.

Hobart’s creative character can be easily seen in public areas and streets throughout the city.

All residents and visitors to Hobart are encouraged to enjoy the arts, regardless of financial means.


There are lots of creative things happening in Hobart, but we can do even more.

  • I support nominating Hobart as a UNESCO City of Literature to capitalise on our rich literary traditions and our vibrant contemporary writing and reading culture.
  • Council has an important role to play in supporting new and emerging arts and artists. I will advocate to:
    • expand out arts grant programs and ensure that it includes both core funding for Hobart based arts organisations and grant funding that can reach all arts practices, investing where possible in new and innovative works,
    • establish incentives for the development of affordable work spaces for artists,
    • for artists’ to work in a broader range of the Council’s projects, programs and services, and
    • expand our public art funding and find opportunities to have more public art projects conditioned into major developments.
  • I am concerned about the lack of support for the performing arts and in particular the lack of a small theatre and permanent, accessible and affordable rehearsal spaces in Hobart city. If I am Mayor I will bring together key players to discussion options for how the Council can help to resolve this situation.
  • I will show strong support for cultural activities with minimal impacts, such as allowing a performance, festival or public talk to take place with rules being as flexible as possible, while taking into account potential noise impacts on local residents.