Promoting a sustainable, smart economy for Hobart


Hobart is confident, creative and inspiring capital city that is thriving economically with a diverse economy and has jobs in a range of sectors and increasing average salaries.

Hobart has brain gain, not brain drain – a city where local people stay or return to and where qualified, creative people are drawn to Hobart by career, cultural and lifestyle opportunities.


In this term I will work to promote economic development in Hobart that:

  • Builds on Hobart’s ‘Clean, Green Brand’ to attract national and international businesses with green operations and products to the city.
  • Attracts national and international non-government organisations to establish offices in the city.
  • Supports and expands Hobart role as a global centre for Antarctic, ocean and climate science and research.
  • Supports small businesses and retailers.
  • Aims to grow Hobart as a centre for small start-ups and as a city that supports full-time artists.
  • Focuses on Hobart being a boutique destination rather than a city for mass tourism.
  • Promotes Hobart as a city of learning for students to live and learn.