Hobart’s Neighborhoods


Hobart is a city of vibrant, well planned neighborhoods where communities take action themselves on local initiatives.


In this term of Council I will push to support active neighbourhood groups, and assist communities to develop ‘Neighbourhood Plans’ for their areas.

These plans will allow the community to consider and have input into a full range of planning issues, transport and local parking plans, street design and development of new community facilities.

Rather than these issues coming to the community bit-by-bit in a reactive way, this process will allow for the community to set a long term vision that is grounded in practical action.

I will also initiate:

  • a ‘Hobart Neighbour Day’ in March each year with zero road closure fees for local street parties.
  • Small grants for temporary projects and events that motivate Hobartians to walk, play and to create neighbourhood projects (like for example intersection murals to help traffic calming in local streets).
  • Practical support for existing and new neighborhood and progress associations, like the printing of newsletters.

I will push for well-resourced, city-wide implementation of the Council’s street trees strategy of having 40% tree canopy by 2040.