Better traffic management


Hobart is a less congested city because there are more people coming into the city centre on public transport, sharing car or riding bikes. Every person that walks, cycles or catches public transport to work or school is one less person on our roads creating congestion.

I will be the walking / cycling / busing Mayor and I will be a champion for improved public transport, better pedestrian crossings, bike paths and walk to school programs.

Cities around the world are working to get people out of their cars – to reduce congestion on roads, improve the health of residents, reduce emissions, and create more vibrant public areas.

Hobart’s streets aren’t just thoroughfares for traffic – they also places where people want to walk and meet, and where businesses thrive.


In the term of this Council I will:

  • Lobby the State Government to significantly increase funding for public transport, and expand the number and frequency of bus services and develop new services such as light rail and ferries.
  • Push for incentives for ride sharing at peak times – such as carpool car parks provided at discount rates at the Hobart Council owned car parks, offering priority parking access to multiple occupant vehicles each work day.
  • Advocate for the Council to establish a travel demand management agency – Go Hobart! with contributions from our parking metre revenue and other big CBD employers.

Go Hobart! will aim to reduce the number of people travelling in cars alone at peak times. It will provide incentives and assistance to get city employees to use of commute options like bus, carpooling and cycling. It will also organise programs to promote cycling and staggered start times to reduce congestion at peak times.

  • Prioritise active transport (walking, cycling and public transport) in planning decisions, and condition active transport plans in developments with a small number of parking spaces.
  • Support traffic-light sequencing changes that prioritise public transport, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Strongly oppose proposals by the state government to close pedestrian crossings on Macquarie and Davey Streets.